Elisha Abbo will apologize and police must ensure law takes its course – Atiku


Congress person Abbo, speaking to Adamawa North in the upper authoritative chamber, was found in a viral video distributed on Tuesday, July 2, slapping a lady after she begged him not to physically attack a retailer whom the representative had blamed for offending him.

He said the retailer considered him an alcoholic.

The ambush video has started shock as Nigerians over all partitions are approaching the police to guarantee equity is served on the issue.

In his response, Atiku portrayed the video as “tragic, unpardonable”. The PDP presidential competitor a while later gave four suggestions. He exhorted Abbo to openly apologize and intentionally go to the police.

Atiku additionally prompted the PDP to make fundamental disciplinary move against the representative and approached the Nigerian police to guarantee the law takes its full course.

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In a related improvement, Lauretta Onochie, President Muhammadu Buhari’s online life helper couldn’t help contradicting a few Nigerians asking Senator Abbo to venture down as a congressperson.

Onochie contended that venturing down as a congressperson isn’t the correct move, saying Nigerians ought to rather approach the Nigerian police to capture and arraign Abbo.

“Serving Nigerian Senator Elisha Abbo assaults a female staff in an Adult toy shop with a Police officer watching. What I dont understand is why Nigerians are calling on him to step down. How does stepping down help? We should be calling on d @PoliceNG to arrest and prosecute him,”

Onochie tweeted in the late hours of Tuesday, July 2.


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