Banana Island Ghost’ breaks box office record – Nollywood

Against stiff competition, Biola Alabi’s movie, ‘Banana Island Ghost’, B.I.G, has soared to the top, grossing N35 million in its opening week in the Nigerian box office

That saw the release of two Hollywood blockbusters, ‘Dark Tower’, a Steven King bestseller, starring Idris Alba and Matthew McConaughey, and ‘Girls Trip’ starring Jada Pinkett and Queen Latifa.

The audiences across the country overwhelmingly thronged the cinema houses to see the Nollywood fantasy, action-comedy blockbuster – Banana Island Ghost. The movie premiered recently at Harbour Point Event Center, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Of the news, Executive Producer – Biola Alabi said, “We are extremely proud of the audience response thus far. Convincing people to leave their homes and give you their hard earned money is never easy. There’s still a lot to do in order to make our investors happy.”
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Industry experts are predicting that Banana Island Ghost will continue to sellout cinema screens and remain number one all through the Sallah holiday in August and well into September. This is expected even as Nigerians continue to choose Nollywood over big Hollywood pictures.

When asked to comment on the impressive results, the Writer/Director BB Sasore said “Frankly, Thirty-Five million naira is humbling. To see so many people respond well to something you created is satisfying. I know how hard my cast and crew worked to achieve the quality we did, and I think that is what Nigerians are reacting to. Picture quality, visual effects, and great comedy, all tied up in a Nigerian story made 100% by Nigerians.” Part of the success of the film seems to come from its innovative use of social media and strong word of mouth.

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