FACEBOOK, the cruel and fake parts

When Mark Zuckerberg created his own ‘republic’ which is Facebook, he had in mind to bring friends together and convert strangers to pals.
He started from Harvard University, succeeded in Harvard University and since then he has been colonising and conquering millions of people, converting people into his citizens and followers.
Facebook has given us a lot. It has brought cities billions of miles apart into our phones. It has married blacks and whites, created love and given wealth, intelligence and money to its users. Fair enough right? But funny enough it is recently taking more than it has ever given or will ever give; It is taking away our humanity.
Facebook used to be a place where love is found and nurtured. A place of connection and expression but lately it has dwindled into a place if impression. Almost everyone wants to create an impression on his friends. Almost everyone wants to be accepted, celebrated on Facebook and chased after at all cost  not minding the effects of his decision on the next person. In so doing, we have lost the one thing that has kept the internet homely – humanity.
Facebook is slowly making us cause depression on others through our posts and action on line.
These days when people stumble on an accident scene, instead of trying to save a life, they take pictures and make videos while their fellow humans writhe in pains and helplessly bleed red. The aim of these videos? To get Likes, Shares and Comments.
On a beautiful Sunday of October 2016, a former Facebook friend once shared a video of some boys killing a young girl in a blue jean bum short inside a bush.
They cut her fair thighs with the machete and she bled, another dark skin man opened her stomach with one stab of the silver blade and finally, they kept her head on a stone and cut off her head.
Someone was making a video of it. That video before I blocked it from my timeline had over forty one thousand views.
Online, I saw the video of a woman beating a younger girl because she slept with her husband. The woman held the girl by her woolen hair, dragged it and as the girl fought the pains and tried to break free, the woman grabbed a scissors from the glass dinning while still holding the girl by the hair, the woman began stabbing the girl in her thighs repeatedly. People reacted with the love and laughter button.
Some people especially the feminine folks saw it as a good punishment for a girl who slept with someone else’s man. That video as of when I saw it had over three thousand views and countless shares.
Again, someone was behind the camera, someone with blood and and water in them made a video of such brutality.
You’ll attest to the fact that pictures of dead people on Facebook is no longer a new thing. When someone dies, they are at their lowest. They are most powerless, they can’t say no or please stop. But the humanity in us doesn’t exist once we see a lifeless body or an accident scene, we don’t think of saving a life.
The first thing that comes to mind is to bring out a phone to take pictures for people online to see.
Have you asked yourself, what if it were me? Would I want a picture of my lifeless body to be displayed and shared on Facebook? With my brains shattered and my bones broken?
We’re gradually loosing our humanity just for the approval of another human and it only gets worse.
It amazes me as to why some people now see brutality as fun. It may seem to be just an online act to us but unconsciously, we are loosing our ethics and morality.
Unconsciously we are loosing that which makes us humans which is compassion and sensitivity to the plights of others. And in no distant time we may move these online attitudes towards our physical society – thereby making our world uncomfortable for our neighbours and the generations to come.
We have to look beyond the accolades of other humans, we have to be more humans to ourselves and for ourselves in the pains and death of our fellow humans and even in life.

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