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A First Class Degree or A First Class Brain
First Class Degree or First Class Brain, Nigerian Lazy Youth
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A First Class Degree or A First Class Brain 

I studied Education-English in Imo State University (BA. Ed) and after my final exam in October 2016, I got a job opening; to teach English Language as a subject to SS2 and SS1 students in a Catholic School (boarding).
That was my first interview, I scribbled down an application letter, arranged my curriculum vitae which of course back then wasn’t anything catchy and set off for the interview.
When I got there, I met the principal; a Priest who after a brief chat with him revealed that he studied English and Literature in England and has a Ph.D in creative writing. I couldn’t believe my ears. A PhD?
What if this man hears one ‘lamba’ from my sentence? For God sake he has a PhD!. The Principal went through my application  letter before me and made no correction. I passed his Oral interview and he said to me
“there’s no need asking you what your CGPA is from school because I work with brain and not grades written on a piece of paper. So, this is what will happen – the Dean of studies and another Teacher will supervise you in a real class interview. You’ll, prepare a lesson plan here and teach the students and if you do well,  you have the job.” He went on to say “This is what we’ll pay you xkpyd if you eventually pass the interview. But first things first, pass the interview”
First Class Degree
First Class Degree

I smiled, I knew at that point I had the job already. I just knew it. For God sake, during my Teaching practice, my cooperating teacher Graded me Excellent!! Just I and another girl under her made that mark. And in future I went ahead to win the ‘Best Teacher Award later in this same Catholic school. Back to the main story:

After teaching the students in a make-up class, I walked into the Principal’s office and he said “congratulations, you can start tomorrow. The interviewers said you did really really well, you impressed them so much that they asked me to add up something to your salary to ensure we keep you. And after my first conversation with you, I think you’re worth it.” I smiled.
Grade over content.
Now why did I give this long story? Because our society is slipping into a grade over content mode. Our parents and guardians are the major sponsors of that because they constitute  the hem of affairs in our society today.
Imagine the above scenario in another field. Imagine a Second Class holder goes for an interview alongside a First Class holder and the interviewer judges the two by grades. He’ll certainly pick the First Class holder but what if he/she isn’t as intellectually qualified as the Second Class holder?
We judge precision and quality over what is written on a piece of paper -over what is in the head. The principal that day,  went on to tell me how he has seen people with First Class and Second Class grade but can’t defend anything they supposedly studied in school. Grade over content.
Our society today employ people based on grades not content. Our uncles and aunts value their wards and relatives based on grades not content.
Eg: is it Ikem?  He knows nothing. His younger brother came first in class and he came tenth.
Our parents abuse their children verbally because of their child has a lower grade compared to the other kids in class.
Grades are good. Don’t get it wrong but what’s the relevance of putting pressure on your child to come out top in class with nothing upstairs? Students read these days to pass not to learn.
The pressure for good grades has made our higher institutions full of corrupt lecturers and uninterested students. Hence the cancer that has been eating into education for the past ten years or more – the challenge of sorting courses for A’s and B’s.
Obviously, students these days don’t necessarily need to read to pass exams both in WAEC and our tertiary institutions.
Mummy wants a First Class right? I’ll club all school year, sort those old lecturers out, give her a First Class at the end of my program and go my way. And at the end, Jonathan can’t defend his grades.
Some Secondary School students do well in school and come out with the first position but one week after results are out, ask that child to define grammatical concord or differentiate between countable and uncountable nouns. The response you get will leave you perplexed at how such a person came first in class. Grade over content.
Our children should be sent to school to learn, really learn, digest and imbibe what has been learnt not pass and forget what was taught.
Not every First Class holder is jobless today because of there are less opportunities. Some are jobless because after presenting their statement of results, they can’t defend it. Owing to why you see most people with lesser grades getting employed over the more impressive grade holders.
We need to teach our generation and generations to come that, it is good to have amazing grades and better to have content of their grades in their heads. People should go to school and learn, just learn and put the acquired knowledge to use effectively. Not study to pass.
We need to teach our children to pursue educational excellence and then grades will surely follow suit, not grades over content.
It is a sight to behold when you see a First Class holder with a First Class brain. It is also disheartening to see a Second Class Upper holder with the brain and content conventionally awarded to Third Class or Pass Mark graduates.

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