Glo highlights benefits of Borrow Me Data

Next generation telecom network, Globacom, has highlighted benefits offered millions of its subscribers by the newly launched customer-centric product, Borrow Me Data.

The company noted that the product which allows subscribers to borrow up to 2GB of data was introduced to help individuals and organisations conduct their social, business, academic, financial and other transactions online.

Sola Arowogbadamu, Globacom’s Head of Usage and Retention, explained that individuals and businesses were increasingly relying on internet connection for their activities, and that with Borrow Me Data they would be assured of uninterrupted data connection.

Borrow Me Data will help Glo subscribers carry out their online activities at any time of the day without the fear of being disconnected when they exhaust their data subscription, he explained.

For subscribers in all the locations where Glo 4G LTE has been launched, Arowogbadamu said the product was an added bonus for them as Borrow Me Data would help them enjoy instant efficient broadband internet offered by Glo 4G non-stop.

The advanced network offers internet speeds several times faster than the 3G network. It also allows subscribers to download ultra-high definition videos in seconds as well as other high intensive data applications.

He also explained the criteria for benefiting from the package.

“Subscribers who have been on the Glo network for at least a month and use an average of N200 credit monthly will be able to borrow 20MB data which is valid for a day, while subscribers who want to borrow 40MB which is also valid for a day, must have been on the Glo network for at least a month and should use an average of N400 credit monthly.

“Also, subscribers will qualify to borrow 125MB of data, valid for five days, once they use an average of N800 monthly and have been on the Glo network for a month. Also available on the package are 1GB and 2GB of data which are valid for 7 and 10 days respectively. Globacom said subscribers can have access to borrow such data if they have been on the Glo network for three months and have used an average of N1000 and N2000 a month respectively,” Arowogbadamu disclosed.

He added that Borrow Me Data can be activated by dialling *321#, and that subscribers should follow the menu options which will guide them on how to load the real time Data credit.

Customers will repay the Data credit when next they recharge.

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