good habit inconveniences bad vibes

Feeding unforgiving, impatient, low esteem, or other negative traits will only make them stronger.


An old Cherokee tale tells of  grandfather teaching life principles to his grandson. the wise old Cherokee said ‘son, on the inside of everybody a battle is ragging between two wolves . One wolf is evil, its angry, jealous, unforgiving, proud and lazy. The other is good is full of love, kindness humility and self control.

These two wolf are constantly fighting” , the grand father said. it boy though about it ans said , grand father which wolf is going to win? the grandfather smile and said, whichever you feed. Feeding unforgiving, impatient, low esteem, or other negative traits will only make them stronger. for instance, maybe you complain frequently about your job, you are always talking negative about your boss, oh that company does not treat you right, you cant stand the drive the work. ironically, when we complain we feel a sense of relief. It feels good to feed those  negative thoughts, but the wolf we feed will always want more.

The next time you are tempted to complain, ask yourself, do i really want to keep feeding the negative habit?, do i really want to stay where i am?, or do i want to starve the complaining habit and step higher?. if you start feeding peace, patient, kindness, gentleness, humility and self-control, you will see those character trait develop in your life; make better choice instead of complaining about your work, learn to say; I am grateful that at least i have a job. and people may not be treating me right, but I’m not working for man. I’m working for me. ‘when you do that, you’re feeding the right thing and the new habit develops

Someone said habits are like gravity they will always pull you towards them. if you develop good habit they will make your life easier, more productive and successful’ changing habits ain’t easy but eventually, once you retain yourself,the new habit comes naturally.

Friends, don’t stay stuck in bad habit,, make a decision to develop a better habit. remember, your habit today will determine your future, examine your life today find something that isn’t right be quick to change. In the process you will establish the habit of becoming a better you.


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