Google will tell you where to vote, who’s on your local ballot

The search giant on Thursday launched new tools designed to get people more information for November 8, when America goes to the polls.

When you ask Google who or what’s on the ballot, the search engine breaks it down to national, state and local races. You’ll also see local candidates and measures.

Google warns, however, that polling data state by state will roll out over the next few days, as the company needs to receive the information from each individual state.

The search engine will also tell you where your nearest polling place is. Of course, it will show you how to get there on a map.

“We have a long track record of this,” he said. “If people have the information they need, they’ll be more willing to engage.”

Google’s search engine already gives you information on how to register, how to vote in both English and Spanish, and what individual requirements states have. The company has also reportedly been using its Google.com — arguably the most prime real estate on the internet and seldom used for anything but Google’s search box — for a home page ad pushing people to register.

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