IG of Police demands arrest of Senator Elisha Abbo

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, on Wednesday requested the capture of the congressperson who struck a lady in a sex-toy shop in Abuja.

Prior republished a video acquired by an online mechanism of a Nigerian representative over and over beating a woman in a sex-toys shop in Abuja.

Responding to this, Senator Elisha Abbo guaranteed the video was misshaped, saying that the episode occurred on May 11, 2019, about a quarter of a year after he progressed toward becoming Senator-choose.

News is detailing that IG Adamu gave the request because of the shock produced from the viral video which demonstrated how Elisha Abbo over and again struck the woman.

The report says that an analytical group has been set up by the Police Force to examine the representative and his methodical in the power headquaters in Abuja.

The updates on the assault turned into a web sensation after a video recorded by the Close Circuit Television (CCTV), introduced in the shop was shared on the internet based life, a demonstration which is said to have humiliated the police specialists.

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