J’odie explains her disappearance from the music scene

Sensational singer and fashion designer, Joy Odiete Eseoghene, popularly known as ‘J’odie’, has been conspicuously missing on the Nigerian music scene for some time and she says it has been a deliberate act to reevaluate herself and ascertain if music is really her thing. In an exclusive chat with Potpourri, the mother of one made an interesting confession

“My absence hasn’t been actually intentional, but as time went on I realized I needed to step back a bit and put a few things in order. I also needed to reenergise myself and get ready because the music or entertainment scene “is not a bread and butter thing”(laughs). It is deeper and wider than it appears, it appears simple and fun on the surface, but it’s a whole lot more. So in order not to lose one’s self, I decided at a point that I needed to step back. Maybe I needed to do a few things and reenergise myself. I wouldn’t say now I’ve returned with so much vigour, I’m actually still on this journey”, she mused.

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