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Most Visited and Trending Sites in Nigeria – Dec 2016

There are thousands of individual websites in Nigeria and most of these deals in the same niche and many have similar, almost identical, contents. This also means that there is a lot of competition for favorable ranking on Google as well as other popular search engines. Only the websites that rank higher on the search engines will receive most traffic.

We all know the popular ones, that always stay at the top worldwide, Apart from them let take a look at the ones coming up really fast, so we know the kind of sites Nigerians spend more time and data on, let’s List the first 5 you should know

Now the list begins (According to Alexa)


 Google (World famous search engine)



Without question that the localized version of the giant search engine Google is the most visited website in Nigeria. tho google recently acquired Google.ng Domain, Google came up with a plan of rolling out localized websites in almost all countries where they are present. The Nigerian version is known as Google.com.ng, Google.ng

Youtube (Google owned Video Upload and Stream website )



Without much introduction we should all know the world best and most visited streaming website on the web owned by our own internet owners Google as one of their different products, they happen to be the second most visited site as at time of this article was published. Used by most Website/Blogs to Embed Videos directly to their page or article, even Supports Broadcasting Feature, Used by most media platforms, for streaming live Events and many more with could also be Monetized with Google Adsense

Yahoo! (Top Mail Service Provider)


Yahoo Logo

The name Yahoo should not be new to us, even those that don’t know Yahoo for the mail service, should know the Common Nigerian Term “Yahoo Yahoo” which are refereed to internet fraudsters in Nigeria. Yahoo has been the top mail provider if not the best back then, not until likes of Gmail, Outlook, Aol, iCloud been around the corner. So the competition is kinda hard for them now, but if you would ask me i would say Gmail are at the top of the List, Tho Yahoo are also known for their search engine and other products.


MMM Nigeria (Largest Ponzi schemes of all time)


MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox
MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox

I know most of you have been waiting to see this, Now you have seen it and yes it is true, MMM Nigeria has been pulling a whole lot of the Nation’s population and has been in existence in Nigeria for more than a year November 2016 Making it a year of stay in Nigeria
Considering the nation’s current Economy you shouldn’t be surprised, everyone is trying to make out something one way or the other, by Hook or Crook, Offline or Online it became too noisy that the Federal Government and EFCC had to put in their eye, But i pray they don’t get Blind 😀 If you ask me i would say should go Register With MMM and Collect your own inheritance, Just be careful not to put  all you have, or go in debt

Jumia Nigeria (No.1 and most trusted online shopping)


Jumia Logo

Yes Jumia, which happen to be one of the best and trusted shopping sites in Nigeria, they have been around for quite a while, before the existence of many other shopping sites you see around, I guess they made it to this number because of the past Black Friday Sales that went on Last Month, That’s November, Which brought many Visitors or rather Shoppers including the window shoppers on their site for the sales

NairaLand Forum (Nigerian Top discussion forum)


Naira Land

Seun Osewa initiated this website in the year 2005 and has since recorded supersonic growth speeds. Nairaland.com is an online forum that targets Nigerians. The recently released statistics indicate that the community has 1,699,700 registered members with a whopping 35 million page views. The website has on average five page views per visitor and each visitor spends about seven minutes surfing through all the pages. Alexa ranks Nairaland.com at 1,004

Facebook (World Social Networking)



Facebook has the say when it comes with social networking, they have the definition, no matter how old or young you claim to be, Facebook has a way of keeping you on their site or Mobile app, they are always good at rolling out updates mostly based on Suggestions, they remain one of the top visited site in the world, If internet where to be a company, Facebook would have a controlling shares

Bet9ja (Nigeria’s top Sport Betting Site)


Bet9ja Logo FleekNG

Bet9ja which happens to be one of Nigeria’s Biggest Sport Betting site, tho we have had so many other betting sites before them, but currently they have the lead now, leaving the others behind them, in a country like Nigeria where we have so many unemployed youths, you tend to see gambling as an Employment, Especially Sport Gambling like 9jabet.
So you can now tell how they got to this position.

(The List Continues)


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