Saturday, January 16, 2021

Presidential Election Results 2019

Check here for Real Time Election Result from INEC   STATEAPCPDPABUJA152,224259,997EKITI219,231154,032GOMBE402,961138,484KOGI285,894218,207KWARA308,984138,184NASARAWA289,903283,847OSUN347,634337,377ONDO241,769275,901ABIA85,058219,698YOBE497,91450,763ENUGU54,423355,553EBONYI90,726258,573NIGER612,371218,052JIGAWA794,738289,895KADUNA993,445649,612ANAMBRA33,298524,738OYO365,229366,690ADAMAWA378,078410,266BAUCHI798,428209,313LAGOS580,825448,015OGUN281,762194,655EDO267,842275,691BENUE347,668356,817IMO140,463334,923PLATEAU468,555548,665KANO1,464,768391,593KASTINA1,232,133308,053TARABA324,906374,743CROSS RIVER 117,302 295,737 AKWA IBOM 175,429 395,832 BORNO 836,496...

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    Ruga will destroy Nigeria, Buhari ought to have lost 2019 race – Wole Soyinka

    Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, has contradicted the government’s proposition to build up Ruga settlements the country over for herders.

    Talking in Lagos on Tuesday at the dispatch of United Nations’ Solutions 17 SDG program, Soyinka criticized the government for the thought, which he said can make Nigeria detonate.

    As per him: “Ruga will be a blast if not maneuvered carefully. Be that as it may, for what reason do we not take our arrangements from great models? This isn’t the manner in which individuals and nations manage issues of steers.

    “I travel all over the place. It must be taken care of in a manner that is intelligent, conceivable to nature. At the point when a steers approaches the window of my home in Abeokuta, a house which is situated in a local location, at that point there’s an issue.

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    “When steers goes to Ijebu Ode and gobble up their plant seedlings, etc and you anticipate that individuals should be tranquil?”

    He expressed the treatment of the herders issue by President Muhammadu Buhari was sufficient to cause him to lose re-appointment.

    “President Buhari had the right to have lost the last race for the languid demeanor he took to the issue of cows raising in the nation.

    “Individuals have been killed in hundreds as a result of the disappointment of authority at a basic time. Furthermore, the cows herders have been given a feeling of exemption.

    “hello slaughter with no remorse, they head out the ranchers who have been adding to the sustenance arrangements in the nation, the dairy cattle eat their yields and after that you concoct Ruga.

    “I believe that there will be inconvenience in this nation if this Ruga thing isn’t taken care of innovatively and with humankind as a need.

    “Any nation where cows takes need over human life is certainly at a rudimentary stage,” he said.

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