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We are looking for personal articles, essays, memoirs and work of literacy, fiction/ non fiction

on any topic, doesn’t matter if it’s spiritual, intellectual, political,emotional,funny/serious

or perhaps an essay on you neighbor’s ?



The article should be original and exciting.
You can choose to write on any of the genre.
You may use non-copyrighted images in your article. reserves all the rights of the article.
The articles will be posted under the penmanship of the original author and re-posting them anywhere else without the permission of will not be allowed.
Plagiarism (copy and paste from other sources) will disqualify you from the competition
Your articles should reach to us before deadline, we reserve the rights to end this competition before deadline or extend it
The subject line must be “Entry for Article Writing Competition 2018”
Word Limit: Max. 1500 words.
Judging criteria: Stage 1: Judging will be based on well written original article.
After the deadline, the qualified original articles will be posted on our site (under the name of the author(s) of the article(s)).
Stage 2: This step will be based on the popularity of the article which includes 1. No. of Facebook like and shares (from website), 2. No. of tweets on Twitter (from website), 3. All other sociable shares, shown on website 4. No. of unique page views and Avg. time spent on article from Google Analytics
Judging will be based on 50% weight-age of editorial team and 50% weight-age of the popularity of the article(s) in the stage 2. It is the job of individual author to popularize his articles.
Maximum 3 entries is allowed per author(s). Best of 3 entries will be judged. So you got more chance/choice to win.
At the end of the competition, we will post the results and the names of the winners on our website.
Winning authors will be invited to join (as voluntarily) as an entrepreneurial writer. This will be a great value addition to the author’s profile and subsequent opportunities in their careers.

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