Why it’s Called Okrika? And Why that Smell??

“Okrika” yes fairly used or Second hand clothes, some also abbreviate it as “OK”

Today I will be discussing about what brought you to this post “Okrika” yes fairly used or Second hand clothes, Akube, some also abbreviate it as “OK”

This names are all known well to us Nigerians.

We also know them as Bend down select,

Where it is sold ? there is Called Bend down boutique; because they are placed on the floor, and you have to definitely bend down to select your choice.

Many of you might not be new to the bend down selecting, yes you!

The main thing is we are clothed, be it new or Okrika.

Okrika Cloths


Let’s start with the name “Okrika” I bet you never knew the origination of the name Okrika, but you have been calling the name like its somebodies name.

Don’t be ashamed, I also did not know the origin or the meaning of Okrika.

Okrika are Used Cloths Imported to Nigeria, the name Okrika was adopted from a place in Rivers Called OKRIKA. Okrika is a port town in Rivers State, Nigeria, capital of the Local Government Area of the same name. The town is situated on a small island just south of Port Harcourt, making it a suburb of the much larger city. (Wiki)

So whenever the cloths where imported. They sell it off in large quantities. The market was named Okrika Market.

So the goods being sold adopted the name Okrika. But now Okrika is not exclusive to Rivers or Okrika Market it can be found all over Nigeria


Have You ever wondered the way this cloths where obtained, Yes. I guess you just know they are used but don’t know the source and how it got to you. Okay let me explain, Normally this cloths are willingly given out by their users or some thrown away by their users, due to the demand is high.

Bale of Okrika

Then you see other fraudulent methods been adapted to get more of the used cloths. Since you can’t go to someone house just to steal their cloths ( Which is obviously the dumbest thing to do ) Tho some would do if they are opportune. So they know you are human, So they use sympathy. HOW??

Okay it’s easier to give out to the needy than to give out to someone who would actually make profits from selling your cloths.

So they cook up lies like; Donate cloths for Charity ,Earthquake Victims , Famine Victims, Orphanages from Africa, Mostly Nigeria , Sudan, Pakistan, India and the rest.

They go as far as printing and distributing flyers

Giving out big nylon bags to different homes and specify a date of pickup. Which most times it left at the doorstep, the collectors now sell the cloths to the people in the exporting business

So that way they get more cloths.


Okay here most of you have been waiting to read, What if I tell you now that me myself I don’t know how the smell comes about.

But that smell though, just can’t change and it never hidden, year to year the smell still remains.


Now let me explain to my own Understanding, Okrika are second hand clothes used especially from the United States, and considering the weather and their lifestyle, they don’t get to wash their cloths more often like we wash ours, maybe because of the cold and all that. So these cloths comes in different conditions, some very dirty some slightly dirty, some very offensive odor, slightly torn or badly torn.

So it is left for the exporters to do something before exporting them away, so they all wash them (Dry-clean)   in large quantities

So due to some resistant smell they may affect some cloths they apply a certain scented chemical during the laundry, knowing it might be tied up for a long time during the shipping, to avoid other unnecessary smells, comes about that dominating Okrika smell


Yes after much talking, you still wondering how to get rid of the okrika smell or Scent from your newly purchased Okrika cloths.

I know that could be so annoying, you don’t want to go around smelling Okrika Okrika, No you don’t.

Na only you sabbi where dem dey sell am?

It’s quite easy, but trust me not as EASY like I type EASY

I know some will say; Use a strong perfume or spray, My brother No try am oo. If not the smell will just mix up and equals to a horrible smell. Others will say use detergent with strong Scent, that also doesn’t get rid of the smell

The smell is quite dominating, even after washing you will still get the smell, IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW.

I know they are many ways and methods, but you don’t want to spend


much on a cloth that is not so pricy,

So I will explain the cheap and effective method to do that.

It’s simple just use Vinegar Solution, Add vinegar in your washing and rinsing water , if it’s a white cloth add any bleach product alongside. And that’s it. You have gotten rid of your Okrika smell.

I just hope you learnt one or two from my article today concerning your Okrika :P.

You could add your own views or taught on what you think

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