AS, The genotype with clause

If you have not been hurt by this genotype curse, then go a buy yourself a bottle of vodka( although I’m against alcohol consumption) but it is a heart  breaking situation your wouldn’t and shouldn’t pray to be in.

There are five major genotypes in humans – AA, AS, AC SS and SC. AC ,SC genotype is not so common and popular unlike the others. SS and SC are the abnormal genotypes or the sickle cells. For more information on the genesis and all about genotype, PLEASE ASK GOOGLE!!!!

Although today is all about AS, AS, AS, greetings to all the AS in the house, let us be religious. Mark 10:9: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” without much effort, genotype has separated many union, left some with indelible scars while the rest go around asking people the blood type like police officers chai!!. Imagine someone asking of your genotype on your first date?, that is damn intrusive i did get offended immediately but what can one do but be cautious of “THE KNOWN”. The knowledge of genotype is important when choosing life partners. Intending couples should know their genotype as well as their partner’s genotype at the early stage of their relationship before they are well rooted in love and emotions. Emotions and time spent in the relationship can cloud people’s judgment or decision to break up if they are not compatible, thus, giving birth to sickle cell children and subjecting themselves and their children to pain, torture and agony. (eva 2017)

So note that ” The knowledge of her/his genotype is the beginning of wisdom”. PLEASE save that child a life of agony, with minutes of supposed love, pain for a life time, is it worth it ? IGNORANCE is not an excuse, so walk into a health center close to you for testing and counseling.

Happy married life.

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