You entered into a relationship through a door, learn to exit when it becomes unbearable

I want to talk to you about a door a lot of  of you never knew had existed. because that door is not visible, therefore most times finding it is difficult  and also for us to make use of it.

You entered the relationship through a door without knowing, but the same you find it very difficult to make use of that same door when everything becomes uncontrollable.
Mark that word UNCONTROLLABLE.
Meaning that, you must have done everything possible to save the relationship or marriage.
When it seems like all your best is being swallowed by unknown factors, it’s as if your efforts come to no avail, also as if the misunderstanding is beyond human reasoning, the known cheating has become terribly unbearable.

You know what to do? Use the Door.


Whenever you enter a room and then suddenly it’s on fire, you try to quench the fire or you escape right. Now when you discover you can’t quench it, you leave the house immediately before it burns you. Most times, it’s the door or any possible exit.
Here’s a scenerio where two adults are in a relationship and the lady started cheating on the guy. These are adults that had already planned on marrying each other.
He went all out to “Fight for his woman” that would have been his exact word. “FIGHT FOR MY WOMAN”
During the courseof fighting for his woman, he was mudered by the other guy.
With a knife.
Another scene were two adults that were married, the husband would always beat the wife and also sleep with other women, in that same house.
The woman stayed back all because  she wanted to save her marriage and fight for her man. She was killed by her husband and one of his concubine with hot water.
There are lots of other scenes i could go on and on to tell of more about.

You REALLY cannot save a marriage or relationship that the other person is no longer interested in EXCEPT THROUGH PRAYERS.

Please pray from a distance.
If one person is out, the both of you are already out.
You don’t have to fight to prove your love for someone.
The fight you should have is standing by your loved ones and supporting them.
Going to involve yourself in a life battle for the sake of love, you are a joker. Life will play it’s troll on you and laugh at you at the end.
Instead of waiting for you to be killed or disfigured, please make use of the imaginary door right in front of you.
That abusive relationship won’t take you to the promise land.
Just yesterday I saw a video of a man been beaten, he was with the dead body of his wife, he wanted to dispose her and some guys on the street caught him.
After they had thoroughy beaten him, he confessed that his wife did not want him to have sex with other women.
Imagine the temerity. What nonsense!
I still dey vex for the person wey even send the video gimme. That’s to tell you how annoying the video was.
So long there is breath in you, there are better days ahead and being in a healthy relationship is something you should embrace like you hug your pillow so tight while you sleep.
Don’t forget to use that Imaginary door.

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