Real Tips On Keeping Your Man

Feel You Can't Keep Your Man? Then you should obviously be reading this

Most times it seems that more women are better at the relationships than you. Then you ask why is that?

Is there a trick you are unaware?

The point is that there are a of things that women do that annoy their men is  endless but also there are things that would melt your man’s heart when you do it.

Ladies that know these tricks earn the love of their man once and for all. We have put together a few tips you may use to conquer his heart and keep it. They are simple when you get to know them, but they are effective .

Place your head on his chest

When a lady places her head on her mans chest there is nothing more romantic for a man. In such a way you show him that you are weak and need protection and that makes him feel stronger and powerful than ever!

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Playing with his hair

This proves that you are  loving not to mention caring when it comes to your relationship.

When you praise him on social media it makes public adore them and who wouldn’t like that?


It is true that when a man sees that you listen to him with rapt attention, it makes him love you even more. So quit pretending and listen to what he says for real.

Call him

Even if you are out having fun with friends do not forget about sending a message or giving a call to your man, he will know that you are both save and thinking of him even while away.


Public show of affection

Even the simplest detail done in public makes him feel better, be it his tie fixing or his hair. Even simple holding hands count, keep it in mind!

Now, when you are fully armored – make him love and treasure you like nothing else!

We at FleekNG wants y’all to feel true love.

Til it knocks on your door we are here to remind you that you deserve the best love!

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