If 80% of Kano individuals were Employed, they won’t welcome Buhari, Says Ali Baba

Nigerian comic, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, prominently called Alibaba has responded to the energizing welcome President Muhaammdu Buhari

Well-known Nigerian humorist, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, prevalently called Alibaba has responded to the animating welcome President Muhaammdu Buhari got amid his two-day working visit to Kano.

Buhari arrived in Kano on Wednesday amid popm and pomp to commission a few undertakings.

Be that as it may, Alibaba, went up against his Instagram to remark on the President’s visit.

He stated: “If 80% of these individuals were productively utilized they won’t be out and about inviting Buhari. Also, it’s not about PMB.

“Since these are excesses of jobless and unemployable residents for more than 20 years and checking. These are the sorts that will cast votes in favor of you for a trade of a 5kg pack of rice.

“Why? Since they are down to their last expectation, I tell many individuals.

“A native who gets great essential training will be activated to get optional instruction. Even under the least favorable conditions, they will improve the situation at vocational schools. Be that as it may, once there is no foundational training, as fundamental as An is for Apple and 1+1=2 and every single rudimentary instructing, the cerebrum is bolted out of the development procedure, since that essential training is the thing that every single other thing are based on.

“Take a gander at the photos, you see prominence… I see thousands who can be utilized by any individual who has plans that won’t profit this nation. How about we start to instruct the kid. The informed kid will comprehend approaches.

“The informed tyke will turn into a decent native. The informed kid will grow up to add to Nigerian economy. What do I know Sef? Shebi I am only a humorist.”

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