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POLICE!!! Our best FRIENDs.
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POLICE!!! Our best FRIENDs. 

The Nigeria Police Force are dirty folks. Especially those ones who wear ‘Black and Black’ like mortuary attendants.

The black uniform dey make them forget to wash the thing. After all can you see dirty in a black cloth? So them dey wear the uniform till the black wey dey inside go change to light brown.
I’ve always been part of those who wish the Nigerian Government can update the Nigerian police with better uniform. Finally they decided to give them a face lift, they con change the thing to blue and the black. But even the blue and black kwanu, no be every policeman get am.
Black is an unfriendly colour eziokwu, oyinbo thought us to believe that black connotes evil. Maybe that’s why the corruption, crime and thievery in the force cannot stop; because they are always in black and black. Even those wey wear blue still wear black trouser. Ndi orjo.
In my opinion, to purge this evil out of the force and check the cleanliness of the Nigerian Police, the government should create a new uniform for them – White and White uniform. So that any police man that doesn’t wash his own, if we look am we go know sey dirty dey this one blood.
But the problem will be this: all these wérè people that jump on police men and drag them by the collar and shirts will be in deep soup. Because the day you use that your oily hands to  grab a police man in white and white.
All those witches for your village and even devil go follow pray rosary for your case. (Akuchi 2017). All this are just honest humble innocent  opinion of a patriotic Nigerian still hoping for change at 57, keep hope alive.
happy new national year Nigerians!!!!

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