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Hello again, hope this 2018 would work in our favor because whether the economy likes it or not we must slay till infinity. This season is all about the occasion and location be it birthday, naming,house warming, wedding, burial and the list goes on . You must always dress to fit and blind the fashion critics. let’s get to the picture ideas.

THE 1/2 OR A YARD SLAYERS; Here you find the out that you can “cut your coat according to your cloth” any quantity of asoebi can serve you don’t have to pay for the whole package even with a piece you could make that effect. With patch work, you could never go wrong or wanting.

THE 100 YARD SLAYERS; After purchasing the full package asoebi (6yards), the least you would want to do is economize  cloth even if you are small sized, over flowing dresses would claim that extra yard. so occupy till we make it.

Styles can be mixed but it is the end product that matters. happy slaying till we party crash again.

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