Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Presidential Election Results 2019

Check here for Real Time Election Result from INEC   STATEAPCPDPABUJA152,224259,997EKITI219,231154,032GOMBE402,961138,484KOGI285,894218,207KWARA308,984138,184NASARAWA289,903283,847OSUN347,634337,377ONDO241,769275,901ABIA85,058219,698YOBE497,91450,763ENUGU54,423355,553EBONYI90,726258,573NIGER612,371218,052JIGAWA794,738289,895KADUNA993,445649,612ANAMBRA33,298524,738OYO365,229366,690ADAMAWA378,078410,266BAUCHI798,428209,313LAGOS580,825448,015OGUN281,762194,655EDO267,842275,691BENUE347,668356,817IMO140,463334,923PLATEAU468,555548,665KANO1,464,768391,593KASTINA1,232,133308,053TARABA324,906374,743CROSS RIVER 117,302 295,737 AKWA IBOM 175,429 395,832 BORNO 836,496...

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    Crazy Things you may have never known about Nigeria

    There are crazy and some funny facts i taught you should know about Nigeria

    Yea  i know you would be wondering what kind of stuff you didn’t know about Nigeria or Cray Stuffs. That why i came up with this post
    Tho some of the facts might already be known by you, but trust me you might find some extremely funny and also Crazy,

    So i guess this is where i start my countdown.

    Wondering icon
    Guess you didn’t know


    • The most said phrase in Nigeria is “How far ?”
      (guess you also guilty of that 😀)
    • Nigeria is the only country with a missing president
      (President Buhari knows better)
    • 78% of Internet fraud in Nigeria is Originated from Lagos
      (Generally known as Yahoo Yahoo :D)
    • Igbo-Ora a town in Oyo State Nigeria recorded the highest numbers of twins in the World
      ( i’m sure you never knew that)
    • Nigeria Hosts to the world’s best parties
      (That shouldn’t sound strange to you)
    • Nigerian Nollywood would rate 2nd in the world if it maintains it pace
      (Producing between 1000 to 2500 films annually)
    • Nigeria rates Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria has a population of 162.5 million people, representing 2.35% of the world’s population.
      (This means that essentially 1 out of every 43 people on the planet is a Nigerian!)
    • Nigeria has the highest number of musicians in the world.
      (But many never blow :D, check well you Neighbor is a musician :P)
    • Nigeria has the longest bridge in Africa (3rd Mainland Bridge)
      (You should know this)
    • There’s a place called Sabo in every state in Nigeria.
      (Yes you didn’t know that, so go find yours )
    • A dollar was 90 kobo at the beginning of Babangida’s term in 1985.
      (You can check the current price now 🙁 )
    • You can find one Nigerian in every 5 Africans.
      (Nigerians travel anyhow)
    • Nigerians can boast of having the Sexiest Accent In The World according to CNN
      (you can record your voice and hear it to confirm :P)
    • Nigeria has the highest paid Government legislators in the world.
      (Abi I Lie)
    • In Nigeria, brand new cars were once sold for as low as N2000, in 1975
      (but now you go add plenty Zero)
    • Nigeria has the highest number of police officers in Africa.
    • A man was recently sentenced to death by hanging for stealing a car
      radio, while Cecilia Ibru was sentenced to 6 months for moving 150
      (Go and steal maggi in Boundary market, your name will enter here :D)
    • An average Igbo man always sees Business in Everything 😀
      (that’s me :P)
    • The cost of living in Abuja, is more expensive than the cost of living
      in London.
      (i can relate to that)
    • Nigeria has more English Speakers than United Kingdom
      (Funny but true)

    Those are some facts…
    Kindly share and comment

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