How To Do Your Own Facials In The Comfort Of Your Home

A lot of women love the idea of going to a spa or a well known skin care specialist for facials to improve their of their skin look, and some would love to do theirs at home.

Doing it yourself would take away your right to relax while pampering your skin, but you won’t lose out on  all the other benefits that  usually comes with a facial.

Things You’ll  be Needing

  • Fabric covered elastic band
  • Facial cleanser
  • Exfoliating scrub or peel
  • Cotton pads
  • Toner
  • Two terry cloth towels
  • Six or more 1-inch by 2 1/2-inch cotton strips
  • Appropriate mask
  • Moisturizer

Step 1

Pack hair into a ponytail and tie it with a fabric-covered elastic band on  the top of the head.

Step 2

Wet your face using warm water and then apply facial cleanser.

Gently massage the cleanser on the skin for just a few seconds, making sure that you  cover all areas of your face. Rinse all the traces of cleanser from face and dry with one of the terry cloth towels.

Step 3

Apply an exfoliating scrub or peel to your slightly wet skin.

Lay a hot and damp towel over face for about three minutes.

Remove the exfoliating scrub from your skin using small circular motions.

Step 4

Fill the cotton pad with toner, squeeze out excess moisture and gently wipe entire face with the cotton pad, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Step 5

Put another terry cloth towel under very warm running water, then squeeze it out and also fold it in half lengthwise.

Lie on your back and position the middle point of the fold beneath your bottom lip and pull both sides of the towel up using it to over your eyes and forehead, criss-cross the ends and leaving your mouth and nose exposed and not covered.

Step 6

Replace  each towel with  a second very warm and wet terry cloth towel after one to two minutes, and continue like this for another eight minutes or so to soften oils embedded in pores.

Step 7

Wrap cotton strip around each forefinger, making sure you cover fingernails, and  then gently apply pressure around any blackheads or clogged pores you see.

Use a new cotton strip on each finger for each and any blackhead you extract, or each pore you deep cleanse.

Pimples can be extracted in this manner as well, but thats only if they have a yellow head on them.

Step 8

Again saturate another cotton pad with toner, squeeze  the out excess moisture and gently wipe areas where extractions have been done.

Step 9

Apply the mask on forehead, up to the eyebrow line, and over temples. Gently spread mask over the remaining  part of your face, avoiding the areas around the eyes. (just, imagine you are wearing a pair of sunglasses and you must not go around the outer of the rim of the sunglasses with the mask.) Leave mask on following to the directions on the product label, and rinse off when told to do so.

Step 10

Now saturate a third cotton pad with toner, squeeze out  the excess moisture and gently wipe entire face with cotton pad, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Step 11

While the skin is still a little bit wet, apply a thin film of moisturizer to the entire face, making sure not to get moisturizer into your eyes.

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