But with the way am feeling now, there are many things that i wish for to be invented.

Sounding weird right?

Below are a list of them.

1. Lights that  will always scream if you forget to turn them off once you leave a room and lock it.

Most times i forget to put off the lights and it has had a bad effect on me.

2. A self-affirming mirror

one that says ‘yes , your good to go!!’.

3. An entire bedroom that  wakes you up  gently with the scent of food, slow-illuminating lights.

-Robots that run errands in the house and knows what you want at any moment.

4. Windows that can filter your image from the outside world

so you don’t have intruders peeping in.

5. A doorbell that can  tell or sense whether or not it’s being pressed by friends, well wishers or    missionaries

this one’s funny lol.. a lot of people would love this.

 6. An alarm clock that can tell the future

like what next should i do about this … and alarm clock tells me which decision is wrong or right..

7. Walls that colors change at the moment you press a button

lol.. like when there’s a stain on the wall.

8. Wishes that come true after you get to a certain place where the machine is.

LOL  i guess some people wont leave that place

9.  a room that can reset itself

yes!! rearrange the kitchen , the room and everything

10. a washer that is multi tasked

-Why can’t I just put laundry in the washer and have it wash and dry back to back.

11. trolley with a compass

Grocery Stores  that has a trolley in which you type in what you want to buy and it shows you directions instantly.

12.  a portal gun

a gun that will take you to your destination immediately… just like in games.. lol.

13.  A Prouster

     A home appliance that changes forgotten dreams and half-baked memories into                  photographs

14. I would love someone to invent a period pill.

No not birth control.

The period pill would be something to help women cope with their periods (3-7 DAYS) like those heavy flows and          cramps.

15. Something that can tell you what the other person is thinking or feeling right now in a conversation.

It would reduce all that we fake THINGS in our day to day lives. When someone knows that he/she cannot fake it,       he/she will be his true self.

16.  Drugs that cures all vision-imperfections

17.  Cream that fixes permanent hair-loss

18.  Thermo-setting Duct-tape that repairs plastic

19. Toilet Paper that never finishes.

20. Batteries that don’t run out of power teleport

brings food from the table  or pot down to where i am

and lots more …

you could list what you wish for to be invented also below;






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