You might shoot the messenger, but can't shoot the message.

Late hours of yesterday during the heat of the impeachment bill and saraki/ dogara saga, the President of the Republic of Nigeria dropped an extra holiday for his lazy Nigerian youth.

This news received mixed comments, some praised the messenger while other attacked him furiously.  “We refuse to be like the toddler whom his bullying guardian buys over with a stick of lollipop when the working Mom is about coming home. Thanks for the June12DemocracyDay Mr President, but I can’t cope with another 4 years of Fulaniherdsmen, nepotistic, sectionalism & autocratic governance”. “If this is a high point for this regime, then we now understand the standards they are working with… below zero. Note that this day has been marked by patriots since time not the cheap political point GMB is trying to score”.

For the avoidance of doubt, despite this very good #June12DemocracyDay move by Buhari, he still needs to go


With this singular act of yesterday’s declaration of , Buhari just land a heavy blow on especially the current SDP formation and their Grand patron. If you know history, you understand what I mean.

Cheers to nothing!!!!

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