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"ORI" as its fondly called in Lagos Nigeria

“ORI” as its fondly called in Lagos Nigeria.

One of the substances which shows that one cares for his or her dark healthy skin fixing is Shea butter. Not only does it originate from an African-developed tree, the Karite Nut tree, yet it is likewise an exceptionally sought after for  healthy skin fixing.


It’s nothing unexpected that dark skin is usually supplemented by butter You can discover many healthy skin items SOLD in the market with Shea butter as an active ingredient.

The Shea butter we are aware of is a characteristic fat that originated from the nut of a similar tree. It’s colour is either ivory or yellowish. In Africa, it is referred to for corrective and therapeutic purposes as well as for culinary, wax or flame making and for hairdressing.

Outside the landmass however, it is mostly utilized for beauty care products in view of its rich, saturating property also see this for glowing skin.

Many individuals from everywhere throughout the world welcome the embellishing impacts of Shea butter.

Reduces ageing

For the skin, dark skin specifically, you would discover it an incredible answer for dry skin. Ashy skin is generally experienced because of dead skin aggregating in the epidermis. In the event that you don’t exfoliate frequently, this could happen.

Vitamin A in Shea butter ensures more youthful looking skin longer, since it firms your skin and avoids wrinkles. Maybe it is the nonstop utilization of Shea spread that influences dark individuals to look more youthful than reasonable cleaned individuals of a similar age.

Things like blemishes can decimate the equity of skin tone in dark skin since it leaves dim fixes after the redness.

As said above, it has restorative properties too that can cure skin illnesses like dermatitis, dermatitis and athletes foot.

Shea butter can likewise forestall rashes and help in mending stretch imprints, scars, consumes and wounds.

The immense thing about Shea margarine is that like most regular substances, it can be connected even to the most touchy of skin.

child’s skin. Utilize Shea spread to avert skin aggravation on babies.


Indeed, Shea spread is a characteristic dark healthy skin fixing as well as useful for hair and nails. One alert on utilizing Shea margarine is to apply with some restraint as it is a slick substance. Additionally, keep away from regions like your eyes and nose to anticipate CLOGGING up of your skin.

as a conditioner

Mixed with  mango butters and cocoa, you can augment its conditioning effects.

here are some uses in no particular order


  1. Make hair shiny and healthy
  2. It is said that it also help to prevent stretch marks from taking place at first.shea butter
  3. Repairs split foot sole areas or amazingly dry rear areas.
  4. Disposes of the tingle that can occur after creepy crawly insect bites.
  5. Clears up nasal blockage.
  6. Eliminate or dispose of  skin hypersensitivities
  7. Repairs the skin from sunburns.
  8. Works to indulge, dry skin.
  9. Fights off wrinkles on the face and skin.
  10. Calm down skin which are irritated or inflamed
  11. Ease scars and reminders of acne.
  12. The antioxidants naturally found in it give skin a boost .
  13. Used as smoothing shave lotion
  14. Helps prevent damage from weather.
  15. Helps to restore the skin when it is peeling after a sunburn.
  16. Use for muscle fatigue or muscle relief.

In conclusion, purchase Shea butter that is drained of additives and other synthetic ingredients since it’s best utilized as a pure form.

hope you had fun reading?    Try  Shea butter and enjoy its goodness.


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