No one wants to get older,  and yes most of us don’t want to look old.

Today , takes a look at how you can always stay stunning and also looking younger than you age.

OMG! If only we could hold onto being youths forever! It’s surprising that, when we were in our teens we spend all our time trying to make ourselves look older than we really are.But as we get older, we desperately try to make ourselves look younger.

George Bernard Shaw once said that ”youth is wasted on the wrong people” – I wouldn’t want to say he’s right. Although far too many of us feel to appreciate the awesomeness of our youth until it’s too late.

The key to looking younger is doing things that are right  – and doing them consistently. It’s not enough that you do the things in this article now and then later you stop. you must be prepared to work  with this every day if you’re really concerned about looking older than your years, let’s take a look at some TRICKS THAT MAKES YOU LOOK YOUNGER THAN YOUR AGE

Apply Sunscreen

From now on wards, whenever it’s sunny, apply sunscreen. Even during the winter apply it. This is the first rule on how to look younger than your age. The more your skin is exposed to sunshine, the more the big yellow ball will age you. Not at all on fleek!

Take A Break

Are you the kind of person who literally never takes vacation days? Would you rather be at work than in front of the sofa all day? We all need to take breaks. Those workaholics who never stop hustling? If they don’t take breaks, they will definitely burn out.

You could be working yourself to early grey hairs and wrinkles. Too much work causes stress on your body. Your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises, and this is taxing on your system. Eventually, your system will begin to creak and groan, and it will start to manifest visible symptoms in the shape of wrinkles, dark circles and dry skin. We all need to give our body’s a breather and a chance to recuperate. Go easy on yourself. Slow down. Take breaks. Go on vacation with your family. Breathe – and relax.

Cut Out Sugar

This is another important tip on how to look younger than your age. You can’t avoid all sugars – natural sugars are found in fruit, for example. But as much as possible, try to avoid sugary food. Once attached to your proteins, sugar produces rogue molecules that effect your collagen and elastic proteins. Why are these important? Because these two proteins help your skin to look young and healthy.

Drink Water Every Morning

From now on, as you bid to stay looking younger, you should drink a glass of water each morning before you do anything else. Overnight as you sleep, your body becomes dehydrated and your system fills up with toxins. Together, this can have an adverse effect on the way you look. Early wrinkle and dark circles under your eyes? These can both come about because you’re dehydrated and your system is awash with toxins. A glass of water first thing in the morning rehydrates you and your skin, and it also flushes toxins out of your system. To really double down on toxins, add a pinch of lemon juice to your water, it’s another great tip on how to look younger than your age.

Don’t Shampoo Every Day

It might sound radical, but now and then take a shower without soap or shampoo. Shampoo has a habit of trapping oils and dirt in your hair, before ripping them out as we rinse. And when that doesn’t happen, it clears out our natural oils too much, which can cause dry hair.

Get Moving

Being indoors – even just at the weekends – can really age a person. It can cause us to put on weight and it can weaken our bones. It can also damage our mood. All of this makes us look older than we are. It’s easily remedied. Simply take ten minute walks a day. Get outside, soak up some fresh air and clear your thoughts. Stretch your legs, maybe even jog a little. That can be all it takes to keep your body invigorated and free from the evils of ageing.

Wear Less Makeup

You don’t need to wear makeup all the time. Whenever you can brave it, try stepping outside without makeup. Why? Because cosmetic products can cause premature ageing.This is so true!

Drink Red Wine

This might sound like a bizarre recommendation on how to look younger than your age. But hold on!

Yep, red wine really is the secret to eternal youth. We always knew it was! Here’s to your health and lack of wrinkles! Cheers! The reason why red wine is so good at putting the brakes on the ageing process is because it contains a compound called resveratrol. This compound comes from grapes, and the more you have in your diet, the better-looking you will be. Amazing. Now, where is that BIG wing glass we had in the office ….

Drink Green Tea

Green tea should be important on your grocery list if you want to stay looking younger. From now on, you should drink at least one cup each day. As well as slowing down the ageing process, green tea also has numerous other amazing health benefits. It can help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease, and it can also prevent certain cancers from developing. If you don’t like the taste, you can always buy flavored green tea. It comes with the exact same health benefits.SEE ALSO

Go To Bed Earlier

Put the wine glass down at a decent time each night, and start going to bed earlier. This is another simple tip on how to look younger than your age. Sleep is not for the weak as some people suggest. It’s for healthy, young-looking people who know that it is during sleep when our body heals and repairs itself, a process that is essential if we are to stay looking younger than we are.

tricks on how to look younger than you age
tricks on how to look younger than you age


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