Vulcanizers are killing people

Is there truth in that?

Is this true?
Are vulcanize-rs killing people?


Many people have been wondering what could be the cause of the incessant Tyre burst accidents on our  roads.
The major cause is that we inflate too much pressure on our tyres. How did I know?
I was preparing for a long journey, and decided to changed some of my Tyres. When I asked the vulcanize-er the recommended Air pressure for the tyres, He said 50. I said alright, he should inflate it to 50 all round.
When I got to where I was going, I was discussing with some people on the issue of the minister that died on the road due to a burst tyre and wonder what could have happened, because nobody could imagine a minister would be travelling with expired tyres as many would think is the major cause of tyre bursts.
are they killing us really? or we are just ignorant
A man (lived in US for many years) said that the major cause of tyre burst is that we inflate too much pressure in our tyres, he reminded us that each car has a specific recommended tyre size and pressure clearly written on it by the manufacturers.
*I was surprised and begged him to come and show me where it’s written on my car. To my greatest surprise, it’s by the drivers door which I enter everyday without noticing it.*
By the time we checked, the recommended pressure for my tyres is 32 and I just traveled with Tyres on a pressure of 50.
He took me round his compound and showed me that of the cars (which includes a jeep and a sienna), and  the highest was 32. Some were even 29.
He further explained that Tyres are made of rubber and expand at a high temperature. So, when you are travelling in the afternoon when the asphalt on the road is hot, the Tyres tend to expand. If the pressure on the Tyre is too much and wouldn’t accommodate the expansion, a burst is likely  to happen at that time.
Please check the recommended Tyre pressure for your vehicle and  let others know.

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