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ALAT By WEMA Banking App or Just Your Regular Bank in an App

I’m going to be listing out some differences between ALAT and our regular banks in Nigeria.

Is it not just like every other regular or is ALATbyWema Different from them.

Today I’m going to be listing out some differences between ALAT and our regular banks in Nigeria.

If you’ve not heard the name ALAT before now, I’m glad to be the first telling you,? for those that don’t know


ALAT has been existing for more than a year,

ALAT was officially first launched May 2017 and has been doing so well since launch date, tho there were few waves of a panic of them not being stable.

But they have proven to be very stable and efficient, rolling in new features and services.

ALAT is powered by WEMA Bank PLC, Which makes it even more stable.


ALAT by Wema being the First Fully Digital Bank to operate in Nigeria,

It has proven their reliability and efficiency and also has received awards like “Best Mobile Banking App” and “Best Mobile Banking App” in the World Finance Digital Banking awards

As at the time of this post, ALAT by Wema has a growing customer base of more than 205,000 Customers with an estimated deposit of 1.5 Billion Naira. As it is said, ALAT is not just a Bank it’s a Lifestyle


ALAT By Wema being the first digital bank to operate in Nigeria doesn’t limit it endless features, they have proven to care about its customers, I’ll list some notable features you should get when Using ALAT by Wema

ALAT has 3 Major Deposit methods

  • From Wema Account ( Cash Deposit & Transfer)
  • From other Local banks (Card & Cardless)
  • From Foreign Bank Card

Send Money

ALAT has 3 Major ways of sending funds

  • InterBank Transfer (Instant & Scheduled)
  • ATM Cardless withdrawal
  • Send Money by Email or Phone Number
  • ALAT Cards

ALAT cards so far is my best feature, and guess what? Your first Debit Master Card on ALAT is on the house,

yes it’s free.

Providing you have up to N2,000 on Account. The card will be delivered to your doorstep FOC.

Savings & Goals

ALAT helps make saving as easy as spending.

ALAT’s Goals are created by you to help you get the things you want.

Whether you’re setting up a budget, saving for that special item or just looking for a rewarding investment plan, ALAT’s Goals has got you covered.

You can create as many Goals as you need.

It’s as easy as, setting your target, choosing your saving frequency and watching the magic happen.

ALAT handles the rest…
and makes you some good money in the process.

Instant Loans

As with everything else on ALAT, you can now apply for a loan without a paperwork,
no visitation to any physical location and response time between acceptance of offer and loan disbursement is in minutes.

You can borrow as much as N200,000 (Two hundred thousand Naira) without any collateral.

They are lit

These are the Major Features contained in the ALAT App, you can find out Official Site for More www.alat.com.ng

Also active is The Virtual US Dollar Card – Enables you to own a US Dollar Card here in Nigeria and pay on any site accepting USD, it can also be used for iTunes Purchase

Check Also: iTunes to Change payment from USD to Naira For Nigerians

Also one feature I love the most about ALAT Naira Debit Cards, They allow Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)On Naira Master Card, meaning you can make iTunes Purchase and pay in Naira which is more Cheaper,

If you use an iPhone you should know this, also the list is endless, ALAT Cards virtually has no restrictions on where and how to use them, both accepted on PayPal payment platform.

Giving you the flexibility to disable card for any kind of transaction, Using the card control feature. Awesome right??

Now, What are you still waiting for?

Go get ALAT from your favourite App Store

You can also get  Freebies and Bonus for Joining the ALAT Family using a Referral Code when signing Up
You can use



Apple App Store // Google Play Store 

As you never get ALAT, you never win oo
So go get ALAT Now

This post was not in anyway sponsored by ALAT, This is just my Honest Review on ALATbyWEMA

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