Many times, women are not materialistic but the guys have posed to possess a level of wealth they don’t have, so they misrepresent their original status.

How will you meet a woman and the most important thing becomes to lavish money on her without reservation. I mean, money you hardly have.
Take her out on a date, buy stuff without financial prudence.
Go shopping and get expensive stuff for her.
Maybe you just got your salary and you want to impress her.
Maybe you just hit money like Efe  or Miracle in BBNaija.
Maybe you just started a your dream job and you just got your first pay.
My brother if that girl demands regularly, although her character might be questionable but you also paved the way and have given her the perception that you have a lot of money to spare.
Anyone would do same.
I will.
If you show me that you have a lot of money to spare, I’ll demand from you because I have issues money will help me solve.
It’s just basic sense.
Am not saying you should not spend on her at all but always checki your pockect when you begin spending lavishly on a woman just to impress her and think of when dry days will come.
You have to strive to make a woman see your true self; your struggles and challenges. It is easy to slip into the euphoria of Eros when all you do is give money. My brother me sef I’ll love you by force.
Be wise.
You cannot be a struggling youngster and you are impressing a woman with money. You’ll die young.  you can follow theses steps
Just be you. Let someone love you for your current level not claiming to be where you haven’t reached.
Some call it packaging.
Know who you show that packaging to bro!!

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