Cool Facts You don’t know About Lagos State

Today I’ll be telling you some cool facts about Lagos (“Eko” in yoruba)  officially known as Lagos Metropolitan Area, Which happens to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and also one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. 

Lagos which was the capital of Nigeria since its amalgamation in 1914, went on to become the capital of Lagos State, after its creation. However, the state capital was later moved to Ikeja in 1976, while the federal capital also moved to Abuja in 1991.


The exact population of  Lagos is disputed; In the 2006 federal census data, the conurbation had a population of about 8 million people. However, the figure was disputed by the Lagos State Government, which later released its own population data, putting the population of Lagos Metropolitan Area at approximately 16 million. As at 2015, unofficial figures put the population of “Greater Metropolitan Lagos”, which includes, Lagos and its surrounding metro area, extending as far as into Ogun State, at approximately 21 million. which is a whole lot of population for a city.

Here are some important facts about Lagos

  • Nollywood is Centered in Lagos

Africa’s leading film industry, Nollywood is centered in Lagos. Nearly all the acting scenes in Nigerian movies are in Lagos. It can only be compared to California in the United States.

  • The Longest Bridge in Africa (Third Mainland Bridge)

The Lagos Third Mainland Bridge is the longest bridge connecting Lagos Island to the mainland, which is stated to be 11.8km long.

  • Most Populated City in Africa 

Lagos Still keeps the record of most populous city in Africa and 19th in the world, with Tokyo still topping the billboard, Lagos holds 9,000,000+ and from rough estimate Lagos rises by 85 people per hour

  • Lagos Handles 80% of the Country’s Imports

Lagos is the Nigerian state that handles majority of the country’s imports. Located in the Southwest beach line of Nigeria, Lagos port is responsible for processing 80% imports in Nigeria. This port of Lagos is also in the list of top 10 in Africa.

  • Highest Number of Millionaires in Nigeria

Lagos has many millionaires than any other state in Nigeria. The state only plays third to Johannesburg and Cairo to the number of millionaires in it. Though there are many millionaires, Lagos also has poor residents in it, though it does not lead in poverty levels.

  • Smallest State in Nigeria

Lagos state is the smallest Of all the 36 Nigerian states, It looks absurd but it’s actually true that this is the smallest Nigerian State. This is despite the fact that it hosts one of the most popular cities in Nigeria- Lagos City.

  • It  has a Floating City

Makoko is in the State of Lagos and has been built over the water. People use waterways to travel through the city. This is a unique city in Nigeria.

  • Fast Growing State in the World

Playing host to the city of Lagos, the state of Lagos is considered to be among the fastest growing states in the world.

Those where a few fact i could get about the Mega City Lagos 

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