Amazing Facts You Never Knew About the Apple iPhone

Every time a new iPhone is released, people line up for days just to buy one. Sure, it looks cool and expensive.

But do you know anything else about it aside from what friends, blogs and news sites tell you? I’ve compiled a few facts and trivia for you to think about while you play with your iPhone.iphone6_fleekng

Right now many of you might be using iPhone6, 6s, 6s+ and many of Apple fans like me must be longing for iPhone 7s with an amazing design. For now, lets look at some of the interesting and amazing facts about iPhone that I’m sure you are unaware of.


Here we Go…

The first ever iPhone was conceptualized in 1983

Way back in 1983,
first-ever-iphone_fleekngApple computer developer Hartmut Esslinger designed a landline phone that reflected iPhone and iPad features today with a stylus-controlled interface. It never saw the light of day, but it’s good to know that Apple had already been playing with iPhone ideas a long time ago. Think of how the smartphone landscape would look today if that 1983 prototype had been released.

Apple’s iPhone wasn’t the first iPhone

iphone-fact_fleekngBefore Apple ever released the iPhone, Cisco Systems had originally patented the name. In fact, they sued Apple for calling its smartphone an iPhone. The Cisco iPhone was a VOIP phone that allowed users to call through Skype without having to use a computer. Both companies reached a settlement, and have now happily kept their rights to the name.


It’s always 9:41am in iPhone Ads

Apple events start at 9am and the ads are timed to appear about 40 minutes into the presentations. Since Apple knows the lead-up doesn’t take exactly 40 minutes, they pad it by a minute or two. More recent ads have now moved to 9:41.



Samsung makes iPhone’s processors

Samsung and Apple may be arch-rivals or competitors in the smartphone arena, but that’s not stopping Apple from contracting Samsung to make its computer chips. They still trash each other’s phones, though.


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