Some Facts you might not know about the Nigerian Aso Ebi

Today i thought i took my time to write this article about The Nigerian Fashion Dress Trend Called Aso Ebe

Actually the word Aso Ebi is derived from the Yoruba language which is one of the common tribe in Lagos, Aso Ebi happens to be two yoruba words with different meaning to form Aso Ebi,aso_ebi_55fleekng The word “Aso” in yoruba language Simply means Cloth, i bet most of my igbo friends don’t know that. While the word “Ebi” means Donates Family or vise versa which ever be it, but now we know a little fact about the word “Aso Ebi

The Aso ebi is a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods. The purpose of wearing the dress can be to serve as self-identification with age mates, relatives or friends during social occasions or funerals.

Aso ebi can be described as a family cloaso-ebi_2fleekngth usually worn during funerals or family ceremonies. However, the practice is now beyond family dressing because strangers of a celebrant can wear the Aso ebi. We already used to strange things in Nigeria already

Affordability of fabrics such as Ankara has contributed to the popularity of uniform dressing for social occasions in Nigeria.

A Nigerian economic historian by name Ayodele Olukoju believes Aso ebi became a novelty in 1920 aso_ebi_fleekngduring a period of post war economic boom triggered by the higher prices for produce products such as Oil palm.
However, William Bascom traced the origin to an earlier period when members of Yoruba age grades wear uniform dressing to mark fraternal bonds. In the 1950s. Aso ebi in recent times has become a city phenomenon that has diffused to other West African cultures.

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