Two weeks to Christmas and i cant help but think what the food would be like,in case you don’t know Christmas/party food are the best,the taste remain long after digestion and excretion has taken place. enough about the season let us take about the food on my plate as wee speak, please don’t t jealous i am going to teach you how to make yours

Fisherman soup

Iwuk Efere Iko is a native soup in Calabar, Cross River state. It is usually cooked with fresh fish, crabs, prawns etc. It is a special seafood delight.

• Fresh fish
• Crabs
• Prawns
• Snails
• Periwinkles (de-shelled)
• 2 tbsp ground crayfish
• 2 cooking spoons palm oil
• Iko leaves
• Cameroon pepper
• seasoning cubes
• 3 slices of yam
• Water
• Salt to taste

– Season fish, crabs, prawns, and periwinkleand marinate for 30 minutes. – After 30 minutes, pour all the marinated seafood in a pot, add water and cook over very low heat.
– Season the snails withseasoning cubes and onions
– Grate the yam slices and set aside.
– In a different pot, fry the onions in palm oil. – Add ground crayfish, pepper and a little water to the palm oil mixture and cook for a few minutes.
– Reduce the heat and add grated yam then stir continuously.
– Add the periwinkles when the yam paste is cooked.
– Add the cooked yam paste to the pot of seafood.
– Avoid vigorous stirring to prevent the fish from falling apart.
– Taste for seasoning and salt.

Once it’s cooked, serve with either fufu or white garri,semo, starch etc

bon apetite

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